American Wind Action Launches ‘True American Power’ Campaign

American Wind Action Launches ‘True American Power’ Campaign

By, Betsy Lillian
North American Wind Power
June 14th, 2017

The American Wind Action (AWA) is launching a new pro-wind campaign with a goal of educating the public, the president and his administration, and Congress on the economic benefits of wind power on jobs, manufacturing and rural economies.

The federal campaign, dubbed “True American Power,” will air a series of TV, radio and digital video ads that will be seen and heard across Washington, D.C., over the course of the multi-month, multimillion-dollar campaign.

“Our new education campaign hopes to show that wind industry is helping power an American manufacturing and job creation boom,” AWA board members Jeff Clark and Sam Enfield say. “Wind power is investing billions in American infrastructure and employing over 100,000 moms, dads, veterans, farmers, engineers and Americans from all walks of life. It was no surprise to us that the Department of Labor recently announced that the fastest-growing job in America is wind turbine technician. Wind is growing, and we are going to power America for generations to come.”

AWA is also releasing the results of a recent survey polling more than 2,000 registered voters and finding strong support for the use (and increased use) of wind energy. Notably, a strong majority of respondents believed that increasing the use of renewable energy resources will help the economy (70%) and will create jobs in their state (55%), according to AWA, which was established last year.

When asked to prioritize energy-related issues for Congress and the president, respondents agreed that creating a path to energy independence, expanding the reach and infrastructure of renewable energy sources, and expanding the use of renewable energy sources to reduce electricity rates should be the top priorities, the group says.

“Polling show that Americans strongly support an increased use of wind power and understand its impact on local jobs and economic growth,” Clark and Enfield continue. “Americans also agree that Washington needs to create a path to energy independence. AWA intends to spread this message more broadly among federal legislators and members of the new administration.”

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